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Tie and Retie in No Time

The Fendergrip® allows boaters to adjust and use their fenders more effectively by eliminating the time required to tie and retie lines. The unique push button feature of the Fendergrip® provides instant fender placement at just the right height to cushion a boat from bumps against the dock, or other boats. A positive lock sets the line in place once the button is released.

The Fendergrip® may be used with a variety of braided or twisted lines from 3/8 to 1/2 inch (9 to 13 mm) diameter; it also may be attached to cleats, grab handles, lifelines, stanchions, and rails of any size and shape....

The Fendergrip® is handcrafted and made in the USA with stainless steel hardware and DuPont® Delrin®. It is backed by a 3 year limited warranty, plus a thirty day customer satisfaction guarantee.

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