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Easy Fender Adjustment!

Eliminating the time required to tie and retie fender lines, Fendergrip® has a push button feature that lets you set the fenders quickly at just the right height to cushion bumps against the dock or other boats. When you release the push button, a positive lock holds the fender in place. Composed of a two piece housing, a push button, a cam, four stainless steel screws and a stainless steel spring, Fendergrip® has integral teeth inside the housing and cam that secure the line threaded through the unit. The push button disengages the cam, allowing you to raise or lower the fender, and molded ridges on the casing and push button allow a sure grip even if your hands are wet. You can use Fendergrip® with 3/8 to 1/2 inch line on any size and shape cleats, grab handles and rails.

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