Motoryacht "My Marilyn"

Captain: Barry Flanigan, Jr.

112' Hatteras Motoryacht

Displacement: 162 long tons

Owner: Mr. Greenberg

Hatteras Photo

Capt. Barry Flanigan stands tall on "My Marilyn"

Double horizontal fenders are needed when a 112' yacht bumps a wood pyling. Fendergrip®s are essential to keep the fenders in place.

Whether on a 112' Hatteras, or a 13' dinghy, the Fendergrip looks at home. Ornate slip knots are optional !

The owner, Mr. G., points out that the Fendergrips endured more than one hurricane during Florida's wild 2005 hurricane season.

The Fendergrip's line is suspended from a twist shackle that moves horizontally in an integrated channel.

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